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The transport association Rhein-Sieg GmbH, Glockengasse 37 - 39, D-50667 Cologne, Germany ("VRS") makes different internet sites, e.g., available to its customers. The individual site ("site") provides information, entertainment, further education and communication.
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Terms and Conditions

1. Everything you see or read on this site is protected by copyright, unless stated otherwise, and without written consent of VRS GmbH may not be used in any other way than stipulated herein or in text material contained on this site. VRS does not accept any warranties that your use of the material contained on the site does not violate any rights of third parties that do not belong to or are not affiliated to the VRS company.

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Data and material which you transfer or leave on the site may be used by VRS and its affiliated companies for any purpose, including reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcasting, forwarding as well as storage of all data - also in our customer data base and for informing you about relevant offers concerning, amongst other things, goods and services.

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