VRS configuration

On target for the future

The transport association Rhein-Sieg (VRS) GmbH was founded in 1987.

Since the foundation the association company coordinates all comprehensive company activities within the VRS region. One of the central configuration elements is the association tariff. The VRS GmbH takes on a number of planning, coordination and service tasks for the transport companies and the task managers of the region.

The VRS GmbH and its responsibilities

  • Association tariff: Adjustment and further development of the association tariff in consideration of the requirements related to the sub-segment and target groups (Example: SchülerTicket (Pupils' Ticket).
  • Sales: Adjustment and further development of a sales system fitted to different customer needs (Example: Customer compatible electronic ticket).
  • Marketing/Market research: Carrying out of market research related to target groups and the sub-segment and implementation in adequate marketing strategies.
  • Communication: Implementation of comprehensive company advertising, sales promotion and public relations for the entire group. Compilation of passenger information that is valid for all regions.
  • Distribution of revenues: Adequate profit distribution to all transport companies using the association tariff.