The price system in the VRS

Simple travelling. In the VRS.

The price levels conform, as requested by many customers, to the city and community limits - according to the principle:

One city. One price.

When purchasing a ticket you only have to know whether you will stay in your city or community or whether you wish to travel to a neighbouring city or community or even further. You need:

Price level 1 (CityTicket) for inner-city trips (divided into 1b for trips in Cologne or Bonn and 1a for trips in other cities and communities)

Price level 2 (CityPlusTicket) for trips to a neighbouring city or community (divided into 2b for trips to or from Cologne or Bonn and 2a for trips between all the other neighbouring cities and communities)

Price level 3 and 4 (RegioTicket) for the regional transport and

Price level 5 (NetzTicket (network ticket)) for unrestricted trips in the entire syndicated region and on individual lines in some cities and communities bordering the association area.

Price level 6 and 7 for trips between VRS- and AVV-region (Aachener Verkehrsverbund)

For short trips there is the KurzstreckenTicket (Short Trip Ticket), with which you can travel generally up to four stations independent of the city and community limits. The KurzstreckenTicket (Short Trip Ticket) is only available as EinzelTicket (Single Ticket). It is valid on all buses, underground lines, trams and urban railways in the VRS. However, it cannot be used in the S-Bahn (urban rail) and the RegionalBahn (Regional Railway) and RegionalExpress trains of the DB (German Railways) or MittelrheinBahn nor on some VRS express bus lines and some line sections.

The price levels are valid uniformly for the entire ticket range.

Regarding all tickets in the VRS: The first class seats of the urban and regional railways as well as the airport bus line SB60 may only be used if you have paid an additional charge beforehand.

Find out about the amount of the different additional charges in our tariff advisory service.