The TagesTicket (Day Ticket) 5 people

The ticket for adventurous people

With the TagesTicket 5 people small groups of up to 5 people can travel from 9 am until 3 am the following day by bus and train within the price level in which they have bought the ticket - no matter whether they are children or adults.

Children up to the age of 5 travel free of charge, even if the group is then more than 5 people. At the weekends and on holidays the ticket is valid for the whole day until 3 am on the following day.

Please note: TagesTickets may be used in the whole city or community area of your respective location as well as in all cities and communities which can be reached from there with the respective price level.


Prices in Euro

DayTicket 1 person-6,808,308,3010,3013,0018,0024,4026,0028,50
DayTicket 5 people-9,6012,5012,5015,8018,8025,3034,9038,7041,00