Additional charges and surcharges...

Additional charges in the DB intercity transport

Generally you may use EuroCity and InterCity trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways AG) with the season tickets of the VRS if you have paid the additional charge for the intercity transport before starting your trip.

SemesterTicket and special tariff holders, such as KombiTickets, may not use the DB intercity transport.

The additional charges for using EuroCity and InterCity trains with VRS season tickets are available as a weekly or monthly charge. Individual charges are not available!

The additional charge has to be paid before starting your trip, otherwise the whole ticket is not valid. It is not possible to pay the additional charge in the train!

Travelling first class with the urban and regional railways

In order to travel first class, passengers with VRS tickets have to pay an additional charge according to the respective tariff.

Quick connection to the Cologne Bonn Airport

Convenient and quick: the urban rail line S 13 and the RegionalExpress line RE 8 now take you directly to the Cologne Bonn Airport. From Bonn central station (bus station) the express bus line SB60 travels to the airport with few stops.

For using the express bus line SB60 you need a ticket of the price level 3 (RegioTicket), and you have to pay an additional charge for the express bus.