You can take with you...

Dogs at their owner's side

Dogs can travel with their owners free of charge.

Dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle: For security reasons the following regulations are stipulated in the terms and conditions of the VRS: Dogs may only travel when accompanied by a person capable of controlling them. Dogs that could endanger passengers' safety must wear a muzzle.

As a general rule animals must not be placed on seats!


You may generally take your bicycle with you in all means of transport without time limitations if there is enough room for it. However, there is no legal claim for this.

This means: The driver decides according to the room available in the respective vehicle whether you may take your bicycle along or not. Children in strollers and people in wheelchairs always come first.

Every passenger may only take one bicycle along.

To do so you have to buy an EinzelTicket (Single Ticket) Adults of the price level 1b or 2a for adults - no matter how far you want to travel within the VRS area.

If you travel quite often with your bicycle by bus or train, you can save money by buying a 4-person Ticket at the price level 1b or 2a for adults. There is an additional token for bicycles for the MonatsTicket (Monthly Ticket) available.

Enquiries! For further questions concerning the transportation of bicycles in buses or trains please call the schlaue Nummer (clever number) for bus and train on: 0 180 6 / 50 40 30 (20 cent/call - Telekom landline; 60 cent/call max. for mobile phones).